"I want to applaud your attention to detail throughout the project and the way in which you worked with us to achieve exactly what we envisioned. We have been shouting your priases to everyone we know."
- Dr. James Griffith, Morningside
"You have created a masterpiece and, as I have told you earlier, please use us for a reference."
-Ivan Wademan, Virginia Highlands
"I am still enjoying the fabulous home you built. I am continuously impressed with the thoughtful design and the quality construction."
-Carol Johnson, Virginia Highlands
"Phillip Pettis was terrific to work with. We would recommend this company to anyone for a new home or renovation. I do not think we could have ever completed this project without them and we are their greatest fans."
-Dr. Barry Baker, Morningside
"We could not have had a better, more positive experience"
-Kimberly Nuckols, Morningside
"Phillip and his colleagues exeeded our every expectation in terms of skill quality, timeliness, professionalism and friendliness. His attention to detail proved to be extraordinary - there were many times when we thought something looked just fine but Phillip would insist on redoing the component. As he once tod me in an email, "I want it perfect." Perhaps that should be his slogan, because our experience with Phillip Pettis Homes was perfect."
- Tinley Anderson, Ansley Park
"Phillip, thank you for building our home! I don't even know where to start. The attention to detail has been outstanding. Suffice it to say that I have never ever heard of a home-building story remotely close to this one. I feel I can't say thank you enough."
- Steve Sparks, Fairway Hill Drive
"Your attention to detail and responsiveness far exceeded our expectation. You are a professional who will always be recommended by our family."
-Ash Gardner, Morningside
"In my lifetime, I have bought several new homes and this, by far, was the best experience I have had. Phillip is an extremely detailed and organized builder and, as a home buyer, this is important to me."
-Fred Ehlers, Morningside